FireSmart ManualFire Smart Practices and Plans

Protect your home and your family - be Fire Smart! You can reduce your risk of loss in the event of a wildfire by following the FireSmart Manual provided by the British Columbia Forest Service. Download the brochure here.

The brochure offers suggestions of how to make your home and yard less susceptible to wildfire. It includes information about site preparation, building construction and fire prevention. The brochure identifies three priority areas around your home and explains how to reduce the risk of fire damage by removing vegetation and materials that fuel fire.


Open Burning

Many residents enjoy sitting outside beside a campfire. The B.C. Government provides the following brochure to help you stay safe and avoid starting a wildfire.

Stoves & Campfires
A Guide to Open Fires in Outdoor Stoves and Category 1 Open Fires
Download this brochure

Backyard & Industrial Burning
A Guide to Category 2 Open Fires
Download this brochure

Industrial & Resource Management Burning
A Guide to Category 3 and Resource Management Open Fires
Download this brochure


Open Fire Bans

Current information regarding open fire bans can be found by clicking here. Please abide by these bans - they are for your own safety.


More Information

The B.C. Government, Protection Branch offers more information about current Fire Danger Ratings, Wildfire Prevention and more on their website